My Story

Forever is a multi-billion dollar company operating in over 150 countries affiliated with the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera. From its international headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Rex Maughan, Founder, President and CEO, directs operations worldwide. Over 9.25 million Distributors enjoy the support and guidance required to live healthier and wealthier lives.

Hi I thought I would give you the low down on who I am and why I do what I do

My name is Jen Stephen and I am 36 and I live in Bedfordshire in the UK with my husband and 2 wonderful children, Jason and Kate.

My day job is working in a office with some great people but they call me the crazy woman, I don’t know why!

Maybe its because I just love the colour purple and all things purple, which is why purple is the colour of my website.

Or maybe its because of my love of buying handbags and singing Madonna songs who knows!                                                                                                                                                                                                        I heard about Forever Living from a close friend of mine who knew I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and who recommended I try the Forever Aloe Vera as it had helped her with her IBS .

Within about 6 weeks I realised that my stomach was feeling a lot better with less bloating after dinner and a lot of the strange noises coming from my stomach after dinner had also stopped.

It’s not the best tasting drink in the world but it works for me so now I drink it every morning.

The next challenge I wanted to deal with was the big one- My Weight.

Since the birth of my second child my weight has gone from 10 stone – size 12

To 11 stone 71bs – size 18 and I am only 5ft 4

Like most women I am sure, I wanted to get back to the weight I felt comfortable at pre- children which is 10 stone but couldn’t work up enough motivation to actually do anything about it.

Then another friend suggested that I write down all the reasons I wanted to lose weight and if they were good enough then I should get on with it, so here they are.

1-My # 1 reason is so I can fit into a harness and climb a rock wall with hubby

2-To be more active with the children I love

3-To feel good about myself again

4-To be able to shop for clothes and ENJOY the experience

5-To be able to put on shoes and do them up without displacing all internal organs.

6-To see my face in the mirror without the pelican pouch chin

7-Because I am tired of being tired.

8-Because I’m 36 and I’m ridiculously overweight and unhealthy; it’s embarrassing

9-Because I want to lose weight so that I can be proud of myself for achieving my goal

10 -So I can fit comfortably in a standard bathtub and still have room for the water

After I had written this list I put it on the fridge and on my bedroom wall and on the steering wheel of my car so I could look at it every day.

After a week I had had enough of my excuses why I couldn’t do this so I ordered my Clean 9 and gave it a go.

My Clean 9 challenge as I call it was just that, a challenge but I wanted to have a go so I did.

When I started using the Clean 9 I realised I also needed to exercise at the same time.

Because I am always making excuses why I don’t have time to exercise I decided I could do it if the exercises weren’t very long and so I found these quick exercises which I can happily recommend as they helped me and I still use them all the time.

What I really wanted was to learn how to eat better and get in shape without being on a diet.I was ready for a lifestyle change and that is exactly what this program gave me.

I lost 11 1bs in 9 days and I also dropped 2 dress sizes and to be quite honest I feel lighter, sexier and healthier especially when I am putting on my jeans..

I feel like I have the knowledge I need to continue clean eating and treating my body the way it deserves to be treated.

I am not at my ideal goal weight yet but Ifeel good about myselfand I feel like with this new way of eating and exercising I will get there!

This is a lifestyle program that I am thrilled to be a part of!

Its been around 7 months now and I haven’t put back on any of the weight.

That’s why I decided to join Forever Living as a distributor because using both the Aloe Vera first, and then the Clean 9 I know how good these products are and how they helped me. I also know how hard it can be doing this on your own so I am here to help.

I am now getting ready to move forward with the next part of my weight challenge which is to do the new Forever Fit 1 and Fit 2 challenge. I will keep you posted how I get on with them as I do them.

My goal is to help as many people as I can to cleanse,and lose weight using our natural based products..

 would love to hear your reasons for wanting to lose weight so please send them to me here so I can help to support you with your Clean 9 challenge.

Helping someone who might be struggling or has questions that I know the answers to or can offer helpful advice to, has been a wonderful experience.

I’ve grown as I’ve shrunk in size and I’ve built relationships that I feel I will have for long time if not a lifetime.

It’s been so awesome because I’ve been wanting to share so much with others and now I can!

Jen x…